Due to 'bot "form spamming", this Contact Us page has been taken down. Suddenly, I started to get hundreds of form spam messages per day. Apparently, some bot figured out how to read my graphical CAPTCHA code, and then started to send crazy amounts of spam, like ... do they really believe somebody's going to read all that spam to one mailbox?

There is a glimpse of Artificial Intelligence in the future, serving greed and selfishness. Techno-utopians hype up all the wonders of A.I., but there's a big dark side, too, of human nature -- selfishness and greed. Which do you think will win?

Maybe someday, as human created A.I. starts to spread beyond Earth, the superintelligence of the Universe will just take down the life from Earth "page".

You spammers decide what kind of life you want to lead, what kind of person you want to be in this world and this Universe, and what evil powers you want to follow. You may think you are clever and of high status (ego) with a powerful group, but in life beyond your tribe and peer group, it's actually awfully stupid.

Einstein once said that he thought there were only two things which are infinite: The Universe and human stupidity. But he wasn't sure whether this Universe is infinite. (No doubt human stupidity is infinite.)

We live in a world with an awful lot of stupid and evil people ...

Such is life outside of the exclusive "Ivory Tower" where so many armchair intellectuals live. This is where the internet is headed -- A.I. bots.

If you want to reach me, just send to hellomark via this d.n.

I just hope that some of the readers of this will have the intellectual and ethical class to actually do something helpful. It seems to be a small minority in this world who aren't selfish, greedy, and self-centered ... and just conforming to others like that, or following manipulative marketing trends and junk stimulation on the internet like addicts ...

So, anyway, looks like I will need to waste some more time trying to beat the evil A.I. 'bots and their designers before another form will go up here. Meanwhile, something to think about as regards where the world is headed. Climate change is not the biggest problem our species faces, and there's an even bigger problem than A.I. as noted on the home page of this website -- future genetically engineered superviruses and pathogens. Then humans will go extinct (and the spam and A.I. bots, too) on the surface of Earth.