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Lunar and Asteroid Mining Company Setup

If you want to set up a lunar or asteroid mining company then I suggest you follow this advice.

First, research the topic thoroughly, of lunar and asteroid resources, mining, products and services, and the various issues involved. That is what this website seeks to help people with, to get started and to provide leads to other resources.

If you are serious about investing in space resources, then call me on the phone, but only after reading the rest of this page. There is a whole lot which the website does not provide, and I can also give custom guidance, too, saving people a whole lot of time and getting them pointed in the right direction.

Seek multiple opinions. Notably, this website links you to many other people and organizations, including "competitors" in a sense, and obviously doesn't try to present you with a pitch that we are THE people to talk with. I'm not going to try to control you or spin perceptions.

The lunar and asteroid mining industry is very new, an entire sector to be developed. There is room for a whole lot of expansion, and we actually need more companies doing work in more things in order to make the space economy more viable. There is a synergy.

It may be premature to go thru any one company or entity for everything at this early stage.

There need to be company secrets, fundraising, and other proprietary information, of course, in order to be sustainable. We have our own secrets as well, and have the common sense to keep secrets of others (indeed, often better at keeping their secrets). Nonetheless, no company can open up space resources by itself, so we need to help gain investment into many companies in the lunar and asteroid mining sector, and help them to become sustainable.

There are thousands of space professionals who have published scientific and technical papers on lunar and asteroid mining or topics closely related to them, as well as gained practical work experience.

Yet, most companies involved in lunar and asteroid mining and exploration at this early stage employs only a few dozen people at most.

There are many, many highly qualified professionals available for consulting or employment. Indeed, when an existing space company interviews and hires somebody, it usually has to turn down a lot of other applicants, and it's often not clear which one is the "best" match for them.

As the PERMANENT author, my goal is to make lunar and asteroid mining happen, and to achieve that I need to help people in practical ways.

There is very little money in this sector right now, though it promises to be a huge boom sector, similar to the internet boom, or the development of a newly discovered oil or other natural resource region.

Right now, I give away as much knowledge as I am at liberty to do, according to what I think is practical and common sense. (I am not worried about myself. I will survive. While I wish that I had financial support to pursue this fulltime, I understand that it will take patience and perseverance. Actually, I think it will take patience and perseverance by everybody in order to get to the next level at this stage.)

Likewise, I urge others to think about how we can help each other to create this new space marketplace and economic sector. Nobody can do it alone.

I have started several successful businesses, and been 100% self-employed since 1987, as a consultant (never yet exclusive or fulltime to one particular company) and as a founder / owner / directory of my own companies with employees. I am not an academic, and I can speak from a lot of experience and with a considerable track record.

One of my favorite quotes over many years has been of Thomas Edison, who said "Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration." Actually, I have a similar phrase that good ideas are abundant and cheap, but what is valuable is the hard work of implementation, doing everything necessary to make a good idea successful.

I'm not looking for people who just have ideas and think that's highly valuable. While ideas are welcome, using ideas as attempts for self-aggrandizement is not welcome. There is no shortage of ideas. People with experience in making a business successful understand very well that what counts is implementation every step of the way, and being willing to find solutions to all sorts of problems along the way.

The people who impress me are those who have a track record of results which required a lot of hard work and perseverance, or people who have committed their money. People who don't just talk the talk, but walk the walk.

If you're truly willing to walk the walk, then please call me and let's talk. +66-8-1135-7977 anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when you can reach me. I turn off my phone when I sleep. Otherwise, I'm usually reachable. Even if busy at the moment, I can return your call or else we can make an phone appointment. Of course, you can also email me here, but I understand that people are busy and sometimes I can save them a lot of time with quick answers to their questions, though I have time only for people who are serious about doing real work or investing real money into a lunar or asteroid mining company. > Missions, Plans, Concepts > Lunar, Asteroid Mining Company

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Reasons to do something yourself:

  • It will help save life on our special planet -- be part of the solution in your generation.
  • It will create and secure a better future for your children and grandchildren.
  • It could be an interesting, cool, and a fun adventure for your life!

You can join us and volunteer to help out,

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