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Update on PERMANENT And

From 1996 to 2022, this website ran on the domain . In late 2022, it switched to and we no longer use though we still use the brand name PERMANENT, which is now linked to the more descriptive domain name . In 2023, I created an associated website, which is much smaller and more focused, discussing the imminent threats to humankind survival within Earth's biosphere mainly due to the advent of synthetic biology (synbio) technology and its capabilities. The Help Humankind Survive website points to this site for details on space settlement as the main solution for humankind survival.

Basically, there has been a shift to more descriptive domain names, and an ongoing split between the topics of space settlement and humankind survival of extinction threats. The websites on the different domain names are vitally connected, and point to each other by links in multiple locations. However,

  1. there are differences in the subject matters, focuses, and organization of content via separate menus on the different topics, and

  2. the content altogether started to get too large, so that splitting the websites made each topic easier to navigate and reduced the risk of getting overwhelmed or "lost" on a particular website.

There has also been a shift in the updates and work on this website.

Past activities of PERMANENT focused on introducing people to the concepts of lunar and asteroidal materials utilization for space industrialization and colonization, to benefit Earth and also to enable our species to survive the technological gains in pathogen research and development.

The current main activity of SpaceSettlement / PERMANENT is (1) trying to keep up to date on professionals, companies, and organizations either "already involved" in activities relevant to PERMANENT or "potentially capable" of doing so, and also (2) the professional literature, which is also a major source for (1). For example:

"Already involved" = an engineer designing and building lunar landers for a NASA contract

"Potentially capable" = an R&D person involved in an Earth based greenhouse business who is interested in applying their experience to a lunar polar colony, or a mining engineer somewhere in the world who wants to start to get involved in space mining designs and developments.

Also "potentially capable" = programmers who could help with our website and internal operations, artists, and layman information collectors who can help us with less technically challenging matters.

Literature examples:

Published papers in journals, at conferences, and in government databases.

As a result, we have two main internal databases:

1. Publications

2. People, organizations, and companies

Therefore, PERMANENT's main 3 parts are:

1. Introduction of the fundamental concepts to newcomers.
2. Publications for advanced people.
3. Databases for people and companies to join up in an appropriate way.

Part #1, the main text of this website, is mostly an old introduction, and in some places outdated, but it nevertheless covers the fundamentals very well for introducing people to the PERMANENT concepts. Just because there are some outdated parts, that does not mean its usefulness is significantly diminished.

We are much less focused on the item 1 public part currently, and much more focused behind the scenes on items 2 and 3.

Item #2 is partly online already, but there is a whole lot of work still to be done in getting more online publicly.

Item #3 exists only behind the scenes, not publicly, at this time. At some point, we want to make part of this public, based on the approval of each person or company to make their particular information public.

Our goal: We want to promote lunar development internationally, not as a special or vested interest, and instead for good people, companies, and organizations of any nationality and ethnicity. The more, the better.

We are here for you to consult with, to help bring you up to speed more quickly.

Many other sources will tell people only what promotes the interests of themselves and their business group. We are a not-for-profit trying to provide more of an "open source" of information.

For example, we list many organizations on our website which you could view as "competitors" of PERMANENT. We don't consider them competitors. Many may be "establishment" and somewhat self-interested, but we see them as relatively small entities compared to the potentially much greater space "community" and "space resources economy" which we urgently need to make PERMANENT happen.

Of course, we understand the need for company confidentiality, and we are not out to expose peoples' business secrets. We've run our own purely private businesses, too, against competitors. We are not career government employees, nor impractical idealists. We must do what works best within human nature and the current situation.

Nonetheless, we seek to be a fair and objective facilitator with both a breadth and depth of knowledge resources. We know a lot of high profile space professionals who actually are not aware of a lot of work beyond their own business group and specialization. We are more generalists, looking at the whole range -- the nearterm, the midterm, and the longterm in this business.

We are here to help newcomers carve out their own niches, not just play into the hands of some others, and instead as part of the expanding space development community able to do business with many others.

We are NOT here to pontificate about mankind's destiny. We have a sense of urgency. We are here to get things done now, to make concrete progress, in economical and cost efficient ways, mainly over the internet from our homes with the time and resources we can spare to spend on this.

While it would be beneficial if we could be sustainable, our goal is not just to promote our own interests. Our goal is to do what is necessary for the Greater Good to help get our species get beyond Earth's biosphere self-sufficiently to survive the technological pathogen phase coming within our generation, and to also help Earth.

Please do one or more of the following:

Contact us and tell us about yourself as a professional who we may want to contact someday, or refer somebody to, as part of our capabilities. (We understand that people have their own projects and budgets, and are not asking everybody to give to us. Maybe we can help third parties in their synergies to help make progress towards lunar colonization.)

Contact us and offer to help out yourself in some way, even as a layman.

Submit information.


Make a suggestion.

Just send encouraging words. It helps.

Quick Feedback Form

Below is a short and simple form which anybody can fill out, from quick anonymous comments to real engagement details. It's short and basic.

If you want to send more information, then we have some other standard forms at URLs not published publicly simply because they get overrun with form spam, so we send them privately as another option, by email follow-up, if you request. For example, we have a standard checklist (all optional) for your details if you want to get into our people and organizations database, or another form to list a publication. Just ask and we can send a link to these by email. Otherwise, we can just copy and paste what you type below.

You may feel free to add anything you want -- Linked-In link, phone number, other details -- in the message box, and we can just copy and paste into our database.

For longer comments or sending files, please use

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... and finally :

Please provide quick feedback on this page. It is encouraging to just know people read anything on this site and care enough to give some quick feedback.

Which one are you?:

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If you choose to submit feedback, then I wish to thank you in advance. After you click on Submit, the page will jump to the top.

Reasons to do something yourself:

  • It will help save life on our special planet -- be part of the solution in your generation.
  • It will create and secure a better future for your children and grandchildren.
  • It could be an interesting, cool, and a fun adventure for your life!

You can join us and volunteer to help out,

... or ...

If you're short on time, you can just donate by seeing our donate page, or contact Mark Prado via his personal website at

If you really much prefer to send by cryptocurrency, then you can donate into a wallet of any of our cryptocoins, though this is our least preferable way to receive donations ..., so please donate this way only if it's really much more convenient or feasible for you. The wallets are included in my cryptocoin critiques opinion page.

... or ...

Suggest this website to other people and organizations.


PERMANENT needs a PHP / MySQL (actually, MariaDB) programmer. Are you a PHP / MySQL programmer interested in getting into space development as a career, or already working in space development? Or do you know somebody else who might be interested?

This is a volunteer, unpaid role at this point in time. A limited paid role would be considered on a tight budget, such as for at least bug fixing with some minor improvements, and/or a security review of our code before it goes online publicly. If you or one of your friends or associates may be interested, please send an email to spaceprogrammer at ... of course this domain.

To get updates on PERMANENT (occasional, not frequent), get on our mailing list.

For general or specific e-mail regarding PERMANENT, please use our Feedback page.

Leave information about yourself in our people, companies, and organizations database.

If you are interested in hiring our expertise, anywhere in the world, please contact us.
We have people in the USA and Thailand, and can travel or consult by internet.
You can call anytime, 24/7, at +66-8-1135-7977

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