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Date T Library Title Author(s) Category(s)
1997 P P Economic Retrieval of Space Debris Roseman, Paul
  • Environment / Orbital space
  • Missions / Zz uncategorized
  • Products / Zz uncategorized
  • 1997 P P Environmental Regulation of Solar System Resources Roberts, Lawrence
  • Law
  • Environment / Lunar
  • Environment / Orbital space
  • 1994 P P The LEO Particulate Environment As Determined By LDEF See, Thomas H.; Bernhard etal.
    Zolensky, Michael E.; Horz,Friedrich
    Kinard, William H.
  • Environment / Orbital space
  • 1994 P P Spacecraft Wall Design for Orbital Debris Impact Tzan, Shyh-Rong
    Pantelides, Chris P.
  • Environment / Orbital space
  • 2000 L,U International Space Station: Meteoroid/Orbital Debris Survivability and Vulnerability Graves, Russell
  • Environment / Orbital space
  • 2010 L,U Hypervelocity Impact Testing of IM7/977-3 with Micro-Sized Particles Smith, J. G.; Jegley, D. C.; Siochi, E. J.; Wells, B. K.
  • Environment / Orbital space
  • Products / Shielding
  • 2009 L,U Meteoroid and Orbital Debris Threats to NASA's Docking Seals: Initial Assessment and Methodology deGroh, Henry C., III; Gallo, Christopher A.; Nahra, Henry K.
  • Environment / Orbital space