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Date T Library Title Author(s) Category(s)
2011 L,U Engineering a Successful Mission: Lessons from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Everett, David F.
  • Missions
  • Exploration and resources / Lunar / Probes / LRO and LCROSS
  • 2000 V L,U Stepping Beyond LEO Connolly, John F.
  • Missions
  • 2009 L,U Determining the Relative Criticality of Diverse Exploration Risks in NASA's Human Research Program Kundrot, Craig E.; Edwards, J. Michelle; Anton, Wilma; Robotham, Kwesi
  • Missions
  • Life / Health human
  • 2018 V L,U Current Activities in the Advanced Exploration Systems ISRU Technology Project Diane Linne
    Gerald Sanders
    Nantel Suzuki
    David Eisenman
    Paul Hintze
    Koorosh Araghi
    Terry O’Malley
  • Missions
  • Government and politics / Program reviews and planning