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Date T Library Title Author(s) Category(s)
1979 P P Agriculture and Food Production Phillips, J. M.
  • Life / Habitats and biospherics / Plant
  • 1996 P P Control Systems Governing Gravity-Dependent Plant Growth Duran, C., Flores, D.
    Smith, J.D.
    Morgenthaler, G.W.
  • Life / Habitats and biospherics / Plant
  • 1996 P P High Frequency Access to Low Gravity Experimentation in Organic Growth from Solutions Sportiello, Michael G., etal.
    Todd, Paul
    Lee, Ching-Yuan
    Craig E. Kundrot
    Schultz, Steve C.
    Stodieck, Louis S.
    Cassanto, John M.
  • Life / Habitats and biospherics / Plant
  • 1996 P P Plant Growth Experiments in Johnson Space Center's Advanced Life Support System Program Gruener, John E.
    Ming, Douglas W.
    Barta, Daniel J.
    Henninger, Donald L.
  • Life / Habitats and biospherics / Plant
  • 1989 S N Lunar Base Agriculture: Soils for Plant Growth Ming, D. W. (editor)
    Henninger, D. L. (editor)
  • Life / Habitats and biospherics / Plant
  • 1993 P P Materials Handling for Lunar Base Agriculture Fielder, Judith
    Leggett, Nickolaus E.
  • Life / Habitats and biospherics / Plant
  • 2007 B L,U Gaiome: Notes on Ecology, Space Travel and Becoming Cosmic Species Kevin Scott Polk
  • Life / Habitats and biospherics / CELSS
  • Life / Habitats and biospherics / Human
  • Life / Habitats and biospherics / Plant
  • 2009 N Integrated Bio-ISRU and Life Support Systems at the Lunar Outpost: Concept and Preliminary Results Brown, I. I.; Garrison, D. H.; Allen, C. C.; Pickering, K.; Sarkisova, S. A.; Galindo, C., Jr.; Pan, D.; Foraker, E.; Mckay, D. S.
  • Life / Habitats and biospherics / Plant
  • Bases, industry and manufacturing / Resource processing and outputs / Zz uncategorized