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Title: Evolution of Government and Industrial Partnerships to Open the Space Frontier
Summary / Review : "If the logical extension of the current exploration program is to develop self-sustaining settlements on the Moon and Mars over the next few centuries, then there is a path that takes civilization from its current one planet existence to a multi-world future. By considering the far term goal of space settlements as a desired endpoint and using the current state as a starting point, the policy drivers and potential pathways to the goal of sustainable space settlements can be explored. This paper describes a three-phased evolution of government and industrial partnerships from current day relationships to a time when there are sustainable settlements in space. Phase I details the current state government-led exploration while Phase III describes a desired endpoint of self-sufficient settlements in space. Phase II is an important transition phase, which acts as a bridge between now and the future. This paper discusses the critical evolution that must take place in two key areas to ensure a thriving future in space; space transportation and the right to use space property and resources. This paper focuses on the enabling role of government necessary to achieve United States (U.S.) goals for space exploration and open the frontier." (Author's abstract)
Author(s) : Martin, Gary L., [Ames Research Center]
Publication Date: 2008
Category(s) : Business plans
Government and politics
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NTRS : 20090028752
Other Ref # : ARC-E-DAA-TN-188
Submitted by : MEP
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