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Title: Earth to Space: I Can't Hear You; Selling Off Our Future to the Highest Bidder
Summary / Review : The author's abstract: "Recently, two related U.S. policy shifts have placed in grave danger the future ability of private companies to explore and develop space, because they may not be able to communicate with the satellites, robots, and even humans, deployed on the High Frontier. This paper will examine those two policy changes - the reallocation of spectrum from government to private use, adn the auctioning off of spectrum to the highest bidder -- and make some recommendations as to how the space community can work together to preserve spectrum for future space uses." - MP
Author(s) : Dunstan, James E., [Haley, Bader and Potts, PLC]
Publication Type : Paper within a Parent compilation, or Presentation at a Professional conference
Parent Publication : Space Manufacturing 11, proceedings of the 11th SSI/AIAA Princeton Conference, to be published in theFall of 1997
Publication Date: 1997
Pages : 247-253
# of References : 14
Copyright By : James E. Dunstan
Category(s) : Law
Government and politics
Products / Communications satellites
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Submitted by : Mark Evan Prado
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