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Title: Pneumatic Transfer System and Packing System for the Moon
Summary / Review : Pneumatic transport -- extracting and moving lunar material by gas, requires careful recycling of the gas. - MEP
Author(s) : Lee, Tai Sik, [1Civil and Environmental Engineering, Hanyang University]
Bernold, Leonhard E., [School of Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of New South Wales]
Choi, Dongcheol, [3Civil and Environmental Engineering, Hanyang University]
Chang, Byung Chul, [4Civil and Environmental Engineering, Hanyang University]
Tak, Junwoo, [5Civil and Environmental Engineering, Hanyang University( 2Taeyoung E&C]
Publication Type : V = Viewgraphs or Video or Drawings or Photos
Parent Publication : Space Resources Roundtable XII / Planetary & Terrestrial Mining Sciences Symposium
Publication Date: 2011
Pages : 30
# of References : 1
Category(s) : Bases, industry and manufacturing / Mining / Lunar
Transportation / Lunar surface
Progress Type: T ( A=Analysis only, D=Design, T=Testing, C=Completed or Commercial product )
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