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Title: An Environmental Control and Life Support System Concept for a Pressurized Lunar Rover
Summary / Review : "Pressurized rovers can add many attractive capabilities to a human lunar exploration campaign, most notably by extending the reach of astronauts far beyond the immediate vicinities of lunar landers and fixed assets such as habitats. Effective campaigns will depend on an efficient allocation of environmental control and life support system (ECLSS) equipment amongst mobile rovers and fixed habitats such that widespread and sustainable exploration can be achieved. This paper will describe some of the key drivers that influence the design of an ECLSS for a pressurized lunar rover and a conceptual design that has been formulated to address those drivers. Opportunities to realize programmatic and operational efficiencies through commonality of rover ECLSS and extravehicular activity (EVA) equipment have also been explored and will be described. Plans for the inclusion of ECLSS functionality in prototype lunar rovers will be summarized" (Author's abstract)
Author(s) : Bagdigian, Robert M.; Stambaugh, Imelda, [Johnson Space Center; Marshall Space Flight Center]
Publication Date: 2010
Category(s) : Transportation / Lunar surface
Life / Mobile Life Support (PLSS, LSHS) / Vehicle
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NTRS : 20100033108
Other Ref # : M10-0804
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