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Title: Fission Surface Power Technology Development Status
Summary / Review : "Power is a critical consideration in planning exploration of the surfaces of the Moon, Mars, and beyond. Nuclear power is an important option, especially for locations in the solar system where sunlight is limited in availability or intensity. NASA is maintaining the option for fission surface power for the Moon and Mars by developing and demonstrating technology for an affordable fission surface power system. Because affordability drove the determination of the system concept that this technology will make possible, low development and recurring costs result, while required safety standards are maintained. However, an affordable approach to fission surface power also provides the benefits of simplicity, robustness, and conservatism in design. This paper will illuminate the multiplicity of benefits to an affordable approach to fission surface power, and will describe how the foundation for these benefits is being developed and demonstrated in the Exploration Technology Development Program s Fission Surface Power Project." (Author's abstract)
Author(s) : Palac, Donald T.; Mason, Lee S.; Houts, Michael G.; Harlow, Scott, [Glenn Research Center; Marshall Space Flight Center]
Publication Date: 2010
Category(s) : Bases, industry and manufacturing / Power / Electric / Nuclear fission
Progress Type: A ( A=Analysis only, D=Design, T=Testing, C=Completed or Commercial product )
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NTRS : 20100019165
Other Ref # : NASA/TM-2010-216249, AIAA Paper 2009-6535, E-17236
Submitted by : MEP
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