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Title: Preliminary Structural Design Considerations and Mass Efficiencies for Lunar Surface Manipulator Concepts
Summary / Review : "The mass and sizing characteristics of manipulators for Lunar and Mars planetary surface applications are investigated by analyzing three structural configurations: a simple cantilevered boom with a square tubular cross-section; a hybrid cable/boom configuration with a square tubular cross-section support structure; and a hybrid cable/boom configuration with a square truss cross-section support structure. Design procedures are developed for the three configurations and numerical examples are given. A new set of performance parameters are developed that relate the mass of manipulators and cranes to a loading parameter. These parameters enable the masses of different manipulator configurations to be compared over a wide range of design loads and reach envelopes (radii). The use of these parameters is demonstrated in the form of a structural efficiency chart using the newly considered manipulator configurations. To understand the performance of Lunar and Mars manipulators, the design procedures were exercised on the three manipulator configurations assuming graphite/epoxy materials for the tubes and trusses. It is also assumed that the actuators are electric motor, gear reduction systems. Numerical results for manipulator masses and sizes are presented for a variety of manipulator reach and payload mass capabilities. Results are presented that demonstrate the sensitivity of manipulator mass to operational radius, tip force, and actuator efficiency. The effect of the value of gravitational force on the ratio of manipulator-mass to payload-mass is also shown. Finally, results are presented to demonstrate the relative mass reduction for the use of graphite/epoxy compared to aluminum for the support structure." (Author's abstract)
Author(s) : Dorsey, John T.; Mikulas, Martin M.; Doggett, William R., [Langley Research Center]
Publication Date: 2008
Category(s) : Bases, industry and manufacturing / Construction and structures / Lunar
Bases, industry and manufacturing / Mining / Lunar
Transportation / Lunar surface
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NTRS : 20080040154
Other Ref # : AIAA-2008-7916, LAR-17528-1
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