In all geologic time, the responsibilities are on our generation ... including you ...

Other Space Resources Volunteer Work

There are many additional things which volunteers can do to facilitate our work on space resources development.

News Collection

First of all, don't assume we know everything that's going on in our field. The Director does not surf the web looking for things, reading forums, and so on. Neither do many other PERMANENT people who are busy creating rather than consuming. These people depend upon many other people who surf the web and keep up on news, blogs, and forums, who filter and pass on links to the Director and other busy people.

Therefore, you can at least pass on information you find. It's OK if you are sending us information which we already know about, as we appreciate your effort. However, you may be surprised how much good information is passed on by only one person and nobody else, surprisingly not passed on by anybody else, which makes one wonder what we may be missing.

Therefore, volunteers who post interesting information are needed. You can send us this information by:

  • Our Contact Us form
  • A private email address, which is given out to some people after they contact us
  • Our Forum (public participation)

News Dissemination

Likewise, we would like to start disseminating news to others and the general public, via our Facebook page, a blog, an email mailing list, and whatever other media may be appropriate, depending upon the nature of each news item.

Our PERMANENT Facebook page has been nearly dormant since its creation, simply because it takes time and hasn't made it up the priority list. We need somebody to administrate the Facebook page. This will largely follow submissions by News Collectors mentioned above.

Keep in mind that the PERMANENT Facebook page, blogs, the forum, and other news outlets must stay focused on topics directly relevant to lunar and asteroid mining for space colonization and industrialization. This is not a general space organization. It is not about astronomy, exoplanets, the Moons of Jupiter, nor other general space topics. PERMANENT is focused.


We could always use a volunteer artist, as well as people able to create 3D models, in order to illustrate various concepts. However, this is not our most pressing priority at the moment. If you are an artist, then you could come up with a creative way to apply your talents, perhaps in ways we haven't imagined. However, if you want ideas, we have lots of those!


We know about lots of engineers via the PERMANENT publications database, but there is always room for more experience. You know what we mean.

Long Term View

Ultimately, we need a diversity of people to fulfill a variety of necessary roles. Those who get involved with the team at the ground level early on will, of course, have an advantage over those who come later. These people are known, trusted, proven, and by the time things take off, these people are already working smoothly with other leaders.

As is usually the case, only after money starts comes in does a whole lot of CVs start pouring in, but as any employer knows, you can't go on paper credentials as they most often look a significantly better than what actually turns up in person, and there are a whole lot of human factors which go into a team.

The most important division of most companies is the Human Resources (HR) Department, as it is the people who make the biggest difference in a company or any other organization.

The first people who volunteer usually prove to be the most dedicated, entrepreneurial, creative solutions oriented, go-the-extra-mile, trusted and reliable teammates. > Please DONATE or Contribute > Other Space Resources Volunteers

Please provide quick feedback on this page. It is encouraging to just know people read anything on this site and care enough to give some quick feedback.

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If you choose to submit feedback, then I wish to thank you in advance. After you click on Submit, the page will jump to the top.

Reasons to do something yourself:

  • It will help save life on our special planet -- be part of the solution in your generation.
  • It will create and secure a better future for your children and grandchildren.
  • It could be an interesting, cool, and a fun adventure for your life!

You can join us and volunteer to help out,

... or ...

If you're short on time, you can just donate by seeing our donate page, or contact Mark Prado via his personal website at

If you really much prefer to send by cryptocurrency, then you can donate into a wallet of any of our cryptocoins, though this is our least preferable way to receive donations ..., so please donate this way only if it's really much more convenient or feasible for you. The wallets are included in my cryptocoin critiques opinion page.

... or ...

Suggest this website to other people and organizations.


PERMANENT needs a PHP / MySQL (actually, MariaDB) programmer. Are you a PHP / MySQL programmer interested in getting into space development as a career, or already working in space development? Or do you know somebody else who might be interested?

This is a volunteer, unpaid role at this point in time. A limited paid role would be considered on a tight budget, such as for at least bug fixing with some minor improvements, and/or a security review of our code before it goes online publicly. If you or one of your friends or associates may be interested, please send an email to spaceprogrammer at ... of course this domain.

To get updates on PERMANENT (occasional, not frequent), get on our mailing list.

For general or specific e-mail regarding PERMANENT, please use our Feedback page.

Leave information about yourself in our people, companies, and organizations database.

If you are interested in hiring our expertise, anywhere in the world, please contact us.
We have people in the USA and Thailand, and can travel or consult by internet.
You can call anytime, 24/7, at +66-8-1135-7977

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